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Updates from WWDC : iOS 7.0 !

So, I’ve been busy, but  I thought I should give a little update. Apple annouced iOS 7.0, what does this mean for Bluetooth Smart ? I watched their session and it seems that they are listening to developers and changed … Continue reading

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Page about CBPeripheral

Hi ! So I finally got around to writing some words about CBPeripheral, I hope it’s of some use to you all Check it out in the “Howto’s and Guides” section. Ole A.

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Added iOS BLE Tutorial 2

Hi ! Added iOS BLE Tutorial 2 today ! It builds on the first tutorial. It adds support for connecting to a peripheral, scanning of  services on a peripheral and read/write and notification setting. It also starts a timer for … Continue reading

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Added an introduction to the CBCentralManager class in iOS

Hi ! So I got to finishing the introduction to CBCentralManager class in iOS, go check it out : A Look at the CBCentralManager Class of iOS   Ole A.

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Added the first tutorial

Hi ! Added the first BLE tutorial in iOS today ! The tutorials will be complete projects with all source and xcode projects. They will be the basis for many of my lessons on CoreBluetooth. The first tutorial will be … Continue reading

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Apples Bluetooth Smart Framework Howto

I’ve been writing iOS code lately, and more specific CoreBluetooth which is the Bluetooth Smart API apple has developed. I must say that I find it easy to get going. I’ve been thinking about making a tutorial on how to … Continue reading

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Cadsoft Eagle library for CC2540 and CC2541

I made components of CC2540 and CC2541 for CadSoft Eagle today Used the RHA footprint and symbols from the standard Cadsoft Eagle texas.lbr library Download the library ST-CC254X.lbr

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Test of syntax highlighter

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