HTC One X !

Hi !

I got my brother in law to buy my excellent Samsung Galaxy S II so that I could get myself a BLE enabled Android phone to develop on too :)

I bought the HTC One X, it has Bluetooth 4.0 but has not been designated as “Bluetooth Smart Ready”.

I tested yesterday and got it to scan and find my devices in the bluetooth menu.

I also downloaded the “Broadcom Open BLE for android” and it seemed to work, I scanned and found the device with the correct name and so on, so it should work.

I’ll investigate further and get back :)

Meanwhile I’ve been very busy lately, but the article on CBPeripherial is in the writing, so it will come soon I promise :)

Ole A.

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7 Responses to HTC One X !

  1. conrado says:

    Hi! I am looking into making the HTC One S work with a ble heart rate monitor (wahoo hr blue). do you think this would be possible? should I try to develop an app that can pair the phone with the device using the broadcom SDK? thanks

  2. Sudeep says:


    Can you post the source code and/or tutorials or something?

    Thank you,


  3. Bouillou says:


    I managed to download the Broadcom BLE SDK, install through the Android SDK Manager as explained on the web site and download the projects examples.

    When I tried to push one of the examples into my tests phones (HTC One S, HTC One X both with Bluetooth BLE feature), I am facing the following issue:


    Can you explain how you figure it out?


  4. olivier says:


    I did the same with a HTC one V. Event if it features a broadcom chip, it seems to miss the broadcom jar library.

    @ole : did you root your HTC One X to put the broadcom ble lib ?
    Which version did you use ?

  5. Bouillou says:

    I Olivier,

    Someone reply on my question with a good suggestion here :

    I don’t have my tests phones todays, so let me know if you manage to run the Broadcom exemples projects on yours!

    Have a nice day

  6. olivier says:

    @Bouillou : Thank, I succeed to compile some Samples projects from Broadcom, but the execution runs until it finds some bluetooth devices and fails

    • ole says:

      Hi !

      Sorry for my late reply but I’m on vacation in Sicily :-)

      I’ll make a post tonight explaining about the HTC One X support

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