Update : HTC One X

I’m on vacation, but I got a lot of response and questions on how to get the HTC One X working so I decided to write a little post about it.

I have gotten it to work, without any modification or rooting, so thats GOOD :)

I have tested this with an app and together with the cc254x keyfob and it does work, I’m able to sound the proximity alert : high, low and off.

My HTC One X is the european version with the Tegra 3 chipset. This does NOT use the Broadcom chipset, and does not have any broadcom API’s on it. The bluetooth chipset on this phone is the TI Wilink.

Since I have some contacts in TI, I’ve have gotten hold of the JAR file needed for the API’s already in the phone SW. I cannot disclose any of the details of this yet, but when I get back to work again, I will talk to TI about possiblilty for getting this out.

I doubt this will work on the other phones, since the One V uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform I would believe that the Bluetooth radio is not TI.



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15 Responses to Update : HTC One X

  1. Bouillou says:

    Hi Ole,

    Thanks about your last post.

    I am testing with an HTC One X European version too, but it doesn’t work.
    The Broadcom samples projects run, but crash after few seconds due to unknown virtual methods not implemented on HTC like getDeviceType().

    How on earth your phone is able to run the Broadcom BLE samples project without crash?

    How can I know the Bluetooth chipset version of my phone?

    My target is to drive the BLE Bluetooth kit from Android phone. Do you have some good advices for my tests? Perhaps this technology is too recent and I had better wait the Google position.


    • ole says:

      Hi Bouillou !

      The Broadcom samples will not run, the phone uses a TI Wilink chip-set so you wont get the Broadcom sample projects running at all.

      I’l get back as soon as I get some more info out.


  2. BleAddicted says:

    Are there any news concerning BLE and android? I am still waiting for a possibility to start BLE developement with my “HTC One” or the “Samsung Galaxy S3″. Any solutions would be much appreciated! :)

    • ole says:

      Hi !

      Still the same I’m afraid, google is sitting on the sideline…

      From roumers I have heard so far, it seems that only the HTC One X and the Motorola RAZR has BLE libraries that work as of now. As far as I have found out Samsung have not released any API or dev kit for developing applications for the S3 yet.

      The best solution as of today seems to be Motorola, though we do not know how their BLE API will be when they transition to Android 4.X.

      Hope I could be of some help :-)


  3. Jay says:

    I am now working on BLE for OneX.
    Could you release the API or send me for private test?

  4. Jesper says:

    I too am working on the BLE for OneX (using the TI CC2540). If there is any possibility of obtaining the jar’s, it would be downright awesome. Google’s stalling is driving me crazy :)

  5. Cédric says:


    I am planning to get a HTC one X for development but I’d like to be sure that BLE is supported and that a API exist.
    Do you have any update about this topic ?

  6. Simon Lund says:

    Hi, I’m in the same situation as Cédric. I’m also very concerned about the BLE situation in smartphones. I have just returned a Motorola Razr Maxx, as there are no APIs for android 4.0.3. So now i’m planning buying a HTC One X. Are there any updates?

  7. Greg Tapko says:

    Hi, it was so frustrating to not be able to get BLE working on my new HTC One X (with TI chip). Looking forward for the jar with working APIs appearing someday soon.

  8. Hi, I’m extremely interested in those jar files as I’m currently contemplating buying a HTC One X or a Motorola RAZR to develop. I got the SGS3 and it’s got no public API for BLE. I’ve gotten it to work through some tinkering but it’s flakey at best. Even if you can’t disclose the jar files I would like to know how flexible they are, as Motorola’s API is limited to HRM profiles it’s kind of restricting.

    • Cédric says:

      Hi, Moisés

      I’m interested about what you could get working on SGS3.
      Read/Write Characteristic ?”

  9. Daniel Burnett says:

    Any news on this being made a public release?

  10. cgh says:

    I’m also want to test BLE on android and I digged into WWW,
    If you want to test HTC API, You can goto https://htcdev.sharefile.com/d/sa691f8132984007a
    For Samsung GS III, you can take a look at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13169987/create-a-connection-to-a-bluetoothle-device-using-galaxy-s3
    I have no HTC ONE X, so can not test it. Does the ONE support BLE Library? HTC offcial list is HTC ONE X+, HTC ONE, HTC DNA/Butterfly.

  11. Chester says:

    For anyone who still concern about BLE developer and patient enough for not switching from Android to iPhone :
    See Reply # 192

    Someone from Google finally spotted this issue with at the beginning of March,2013. What a long wait.

  12. Philip says:

    Any news on BLE? Does anyone have BLE working on HTC One X? Perhaps somebody came up with creative solution…

    I need BLE to use with my GoldenMotor Magic Pie 5 with Bluetooth (BLE) than I can see all details like KM/h and program the ebike wheel on road…. Would be very nice!


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