iOS 6.0 and BLE

So Apple finally released iOS 6.0, and it has gotten som big improvements to its BLE stack, there is also a bug I will write some about in it’s own post.

The improvements I’ve seen so far is :

  • Service scanning seems to be much faster than in iOS 5.1 the first time
  • Characteristic discovery also seems to be much faster the first time.
  • Services and characteristics are cached when disconnecting and reconnecting in the same CBCentralManager context.
  • Apple has added the possibility for the iOS device to be both Central and Peripheral !

The problems I’ve seen so far is :

  • First time discovery of a new device, the UUID in didDiscoverPeripheral is NULL, this makes many apps crash because they use the CFUUIDCreateString (Will write a post of how to work around this).
  • Disconnection of a device via the cancelPeripheralConnection does not disconnect the device immediately.



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2 Responses to iOS 6.0 and BLE

  1. Imo says:


    I want to known, about you what’s kind of bluethoof profile 4.0 use this product: Smart Button Movon :

    In fact, there are many profiles (core configuration) with bluethoof 4.0: Basic rate, Enhanced data, low energy and high speed. The Movon website isn’t clear about this profile.

    You think this product need an app developpemt or there is a profile compatible in Iphone 4/4S?

    Thank you for your answer.

    Bests regards,

  2. Brian Zhong says:


    Thanks a lot for this website. I learn a lot from here. Does the improvement
    ‘Services and characteristics are cached when disconnecting and reconnecting in the same CBCentralManager context.’
    mean that if I first make a connection and service/characteristics discover procedure, then disconnect the connect, then make connection again, I don’t need perform service/characteristics discover procedure because they already exist, and I can directly call writecharacteristcs method ?

    Best Regards and Thanks in advance!


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