SensorTag Displayer v1.1 live on the Mac App Store

So I’ve written a simple SensorTag application for Mac OS X.

Check it out in the Mac App Store here, its called SensorTag Displayer

I’m going to add some posts on this site with some source code for doing BLE on Mac OS X


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11 Responses to SensorTag Displayer v1.1 live on the Mac App Store

  1. Chris Scherr says:

    Thanks for the update! I was wondering if there is anyway to collect the data from the sensortag like in the mobile iOS app?

    • ole says:

      Hi Chris !

      On the iOS application you can go into the graph and press the send mail button to send the data from the sensor you are looking at, but you cannot save data from all sensors at the same time now, maybe we should add that function :)

  2. Gary says:

    I just downloaded SensorTag Displayer …

    IT connect to the ST OK, but only displays Ambient Temp & Object Temp (same as the OSX example from TI), and none of the other parameters is displayed.

    STD displays ‘Enabling Barometer Sensor” at the bottom of the window, but makes no progress.

    All the other sensors are enabled and I can a see them on the TI-BLE iOS app.

    Can you provide a fix ?


  3. Gary says:

    I have 2 SensorTags …

    For ST#1, STD displays the Temp & humidity only – even though all the sensors are enabled.

    When I connect to ST#2, STD quits !

    This is 100% repeatable.

  4. Nikolai says:

    Thanks for the App.

    Would be nice to be able collect data from chosen sensor or from all with timestamps.


  5. Hi guys!

    this is really a cool app. I just downloaded it yesterday! Great work!

    We created an weather station app for the iPhone to show the weather data (temperature, air pressure, humidity):

    Maybe this is something for you as well :-)

    Best regards from Munich,

  6. Göran says:

    Just received the new SensorTag 2, does your app support that device as well as the old SensorTag?

  7. rcruicks says:

    hi Ole

    thanks for this app – downloaded today to visualise TI SensorTag V2 (CC2650)

    object temp, ambient temp and humidity all work, but none of the other displayed values do anything – the Calibrate buttons seem to make no difference.

    also, the other values available – the two contact switches from the original tag (CC2541) as well as new values (magnetic contact, luxometer, acoustic sensor) – are not provided in any form.
    Any chance of these becoming available, either with selection, or in a scrollable window?

    regards from deepest Dorset

  8. Joe says:

    I have a Sensorbug and this app see’s it but doesn’t dispaly anything.

  9. Lyub says:

    I have downloaded your app named BLE SensorTag Logger in app store, however I found that only one device can connect to this app at a time. Is it true or I missused the app? If possible, could you please send me an email about this stuff?


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