Who are we ?

We are ST alliance A/S, a small norwegian company in the technology sector. We do electronic, SW & HW development for large and small companies.

Why this log ?

Because we mean that Bluetooth smart is one of the most exiting topics in the field og mobile devices and their peripherals at the moment.

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  1. Regarding your posting about CoreBluetooth on iOS.

    Is it possible to connect to a device with a known MAC address instead of doing a scan to discover nearby peripherals?


  2. oshri says:

    Is it possible to use the mentioned below method in order to find (and get the RSSI) of other iOS and Android devices OR will it find only non-mobile-phone Bluetooth devices (like headset, hear monitor…)?


  3. Adam says:


    Does the CC2541 firmware you posted disable all the non BLE sensors?

  4. NONO says:

    I bought SensorTag Displayer v1.1 live on the Mac App Store
    no connection is proposed in the window of aplication But the led on the sensortag and the dongle USB BLE4.0 blink very fast

    I use mountain lion on macbook unibody 13′ alu without BLE4.0 inside and i add USB Dongle BLE4.0 (Rocketek USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy USB Adapter on amazon)
    I think the trouble if the driver But i don’t know what i do.
    could you help me ???

  5. Hi

    We would like to develop a BLE sensor that measures surface temperatures (~10oC – 70oC).

    We would like to 30 days historic data on a rolling basis (daily min / max is OK but hourly would be better) and have the system send data when a mobile device is within range.

    We would like to upload the data to a website for viewing.

    We are also interested in using the same devices for monitoring distance using ultrasonic proximity sensors and possibly taking analogue signals from external systems in the future.

    The units can be large, as the units will be used in industrial applications.

    We are looking for a company to provide full design and manufacture.


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