Apple has released a new programming example for CoreBluetooth on iOS !

Hi !

I got a tip today of Apples new programming example for CoreBluetooth on iOS !

Check it out here.


Ole A.

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Added iOS BLE Tutorial 2

Hi !

Added iOS BLE Tutorial 2 today !

It builds on the first tutorial. It adds support for connecting to a peripheral, scanning of  services on a peripheral and read/write and notification setting. It also starts a timer for measuring RSSI once every 5 seconds.

I finally got my iPad 3rd generation so I’ve added GUI in the iPad storyboard in the project for it too :)

I’m starting on my new CBPeripheral article now too.

Ole A.

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Added an introduction to the CBCentralManager class in iOS

Hi !

So I got to finishing the introduction to CBCentralManager class in iOS, go check it out :

A Look at the CBCentralManager Class of iOS


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The New iPad

So I watched the keynote for “The New iPad” and they didn’t mention anything about Bluetooth 4.0 og Bluetooth Smart as far as I could see, so I got a little nervous they had left it out :) I did not have to wait long, I looked at the specifications sheet the next day on and it showed that Bluetooth 4.0 was in place :)


Ole A.

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Added the first tutorial

Hi !

Added the first BLE tutorial in iOS today !

The tutorials will be complete projects with all source and xcode projects. They will be the basis for many of my lessons on CoreBluetooth.

The first tutorial will be the basis for my article on CBCentralManager which is soon to come.


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Adding another howto / guide topic

Hi !

Wrote a little piece on protocols and delegates, think I will update it som more, please comment :)


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Added my first quick howto !

Hi guys !

I’ve wrote my first howto today, it’s very basic, but helps people who have not been navigating through the iOS development environment before. Check it out, please do comment on the format if you have som input :)

Check the links on the top menu or use this : Here



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Apples Bluetooth Smart Framework Howto

I’ve been writing iOS code lately, and more specific CoreBluetooth which is the Bluetooth Smart API apple has developed. I must say that I find it easy to get going.

I’ve been thinking about making a tutorial on how to get going with Bluetooth Smart applications on the iPhone, and also write some text on which problems one may encounter :)

Ole A.

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New BLE dev kit coming for cc2541


Great news !

TI is soon to release the new SensorTag platform for cc2541 !

It was shown on CES together with iPhone 4S demo applications.

It is a multisensor board with sensors for :

  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Magnetometer
  • IR-Temperature sensor
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Hygrometer


Texas Instruments SensorTag with CC2541

TI SensorTag

Got this picture from TI, thanks Espen :)

The sensor in the middle is the IR-Temperature sensor.

It´s gonna be a sweet kit when it comes out, can´t wait :)



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Cadsoft Eagle library for CC2540 and CC2541

I made components of CC2540 and CC2541 for CadSoft Eagle today :) Used the RHA footprint and symbols from the standard Cadsoft Eagle texas.lbr library

Download the library ST-CC254X.lbr

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